You can only prestige when you hit level 800, but when you do, you will earn some neat rewards. You will also get a permenant XP Booster. This Booster will upgrade each time you prestige!

Remember, if the item is marked as (OnSpawn), it means it will only be given when you spawn, and not right away.

Level Reward Description
1 Key Blade It's a bloody key.
2 Long Jump You will be able to jump further distances! (Crouch+Jump)
3 Golden Revolver Isn't it shiny?
4 Grease gun A Grease gun from the second world war.
5 M14 A semi automatic Sniper Rifle.
6 Double Barrel Shotgun Double the barrel, double the damage!
7 Shotgun Grenade This isn't a normal shotgun, it shoots grenades instead.
8 Tesla Gun Hold it down for more power!
9 .500 Revolver One shot, one kill. (probably)
10 HMG It's deadlier than the minigun.